Awarding of Registered Planner Grade

Registered Planner Logo

The Planning Institute of Australia (PIA), which is the professional association for town planners in Australia, has for the last couple of years been undertaking a thorough review of its professional recognition framework of members.  After a substantial process, PIA decided that the old Certified Practising Planner (CPP) grade would be replaced with a new membership class know as Registered Planner, bringing it into line with counterpart international organisations in the UK, USA and NZ as well as like professional bodies in Australia.  The foundation of the Registered Planner grade is the following practice areas:

  • Professionalism and integrity;
  • Understanding, interpreting and using spatial thinking;
  • Using a creative and integrative approach, drawing on a range of disciplines and methods;
  • Communicating and engaging with stakeholders;
  • Understanding and working with planning frameworks; and
  • Developing and applying technical knowledge.

The awarding of the Registered Planner grade, recognises that the individual is competent in these practice areas and importantly is committed to continuing professional development to ensure that the service provided is at a consistently high standard.  As an existing CPP I was invited by PIA to demonstrate my competency in the above practice areas, which I was able to do, and thus on 27 July 2016 I was awarded the grade of Registered Planner.  As a Registered Planner you can have confidence in my commitment to excellent town planning advice and service, so why not contact me for a no-obligation discussion of your next project.

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