3 months in…

Three months have passed since I commenced Lennox P+D and we have just commenced our twentieth job.  These jobs range in size from providing advice or undertaking a Development Investigation for a site, which may only take a few hours, through to managing large development applications and projects, which span months.  We are presently undertaking projects in the following local government areas in Queensland:

  • Ipswich City Council;
  • Logan City Council;
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council;
  • Southern Downs Regional Council; and
  • Western Downs Regional Council.

Some of the projects of note are a development application for a one into five lot subdivision, a multi-staged development application for an independent school and the project coordination of a residential and school development, which is at tender.  I enjoy the diversity of projects that comes across my desk and the excitement of receiving a phone call from a prospective client who is looking at options to develop.  So if you are interested in exploring some options for your property please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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