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The people at Lennox Planning and Development are what makes it!  Please have a look  at our Staff so you can get to know us a bit.

As a consultancy we are guided by shared values and purpose that are outlined below.


Good planning. Good outcomes.

To lead collaborative processes where technical competence and effective stakeholder engagement produces development proposals, plans and policies that achieve sustainable built and natural environments.


Concept to completion – we consider the whole process and seek to be as comprehensive as possible.

Considered and clear – we think through the work we do and the recommendations we make and present these logically and simply to inform decision-making.

Creative and collaborative – we work proactively with all stakeholders considering diverse interests and potential solutions to achieve the best outcomes.

Commercially viable – we undertake our work with a strong commercial understanding, so that recommendations are implementable, that is, cost effective, achievable and marketable.


People matter – every person has intrinsic value. Their experience, skills, practices, opinions, beliefs and conscience must be respected.  In the planning process these are weighed sensitively to inform collective outcomes.

Places matter – where we live influences who we are. Different natural or built places speak to different people and therefore quick assumptions should be challenged.  Every place has a history and a future that must be collectively considered.  Proposals for spaces must flow from an appropriate planning process.

The Planet matters – we are the stewards of the earth and part of a finely balanced ecosystem. What we do on a small scale cumulatively impacts the whole.  The planning process must therefore consider best practice; environmental impact and mitigation; short, medium and long-term strategy; government, industry and societal trends and priorities; and inter-generational equity.

Personal character matters – my attitude and actions affect outcomes. I can’t abscond my responsibility and look exclusively to others to solve our problems.  What I bring to every conversation, task, assignment and decision either builds up, stalls or tears down collective efforts.


As a company we take seriously our responsibility to (1) the environment and society, (2) our staff and clients and (3) ethical standards of professional practice. We seek to integrate this responsibility through all we do from the advice we provide, to the manner in which we communicate and conduct ourselves.


Professional Indemnity Insurance – $2,000,000 limit of liability

Public Liability Insurance – $20,000,000 limit of liability

WorkCover policy

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Good planning. Good outcomes.