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Staines Memorial College, Redbank Plains – Kindergarten


  • 25 lot acreage development in the Whitsundays
  • Multi-storey 60-apartment building in Brisbane
  • One into a few lot subdivisions across SEQ
  • Building relaxations across SEQ
  • Character housing in Brisbane
  • 6 townhouses in Redland
  • 6 townhouses in Brisbane


  • Establishment of schools on greenfield sites
  • Substantial expansion of deserted and dilapidated ‘brownfield’ school sites
  • Numerous school building projects ranging from small extensions to multi-million dollar new facilities
  • School ovals and outdoor areas
  • Child Care Centres including assisting in obtaining operational licenses
  • Churches – extensions to existing facilities, change of use of existing facilities to permit lawful use
  • Car parks and car and bus drop zones
  • Aged care development in Ipswich


  • Automatic Car Wash (design and development application only)
  • Bus Mechanical Workshop
  • Mixed Use Centre in Ipswich
  • Medical Practices
  • Indoor Recreation
  • Industrial changes of use


  • Public road extensions and upgrades associated with developments
  • Public infrastructure provision including sewer, power, telephony, water, stormwater (quantity and quality), bushland regeneration and wildlife crossings

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