Development Investigator

What can I do with this property?

Lennox Planning and Development receives enquiries every week from people asking this question.   To respond in a streamlined manner, our Development Investigator service provides tailored town planning advice.

A number of investigation options are offered to meet the specific needs of clients.  These options are:

  • Preliminary Investigation – $150 + GST
  • Development Investigation – $450 + GST
  • Pre-lodgement Process – $1,000 + GST
  • Customisable Investigation / Due Diligence – Fee determined for each project

The following services are included in the three standard options.


Preliminary Investigation

Development Investigation

Pre-lodgement Process

Zone, Precinct, Overlays, Use, Level of assessment, Online site review




Planning Scheme and Codes review, State Planning review, Council phone discussion (if required)


Quick review


Preliminary review


Preliminary review
Site inspection¹, Searches², Preliminary sketch³


Prepare Pre-lodgement submission and arrange meeting, Attend Pre-lodgement meeting with client, Debrief meeting with client and review minutes


Cost (excluding GST)




Timeframe (approx.)

1-2 business days

1 week

 2-3 weeks

¹An additional charge for travel to site may be required depending on site distance; ²Disbursements are charged at cost plus GST; ³Sketch is a site layout for massing and/or determining of indicative yield only; Note: there is some flexibility in the services provided across these three standard options.

Some Councils charge for the pre-lodgement meeting, which is additional to the fee stated above and will be advised upon enquiry.

Lennox Planning and Development undertakes these investigations on a weekly basis and so if you need accurate, cost-effective and timely town planning advice about your site please Contact Us

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